Airport information for the airline to do out the safety

(Indicate by check mark if the documentation of the table is delivered or not to the airline. Complete the table with other documentation if necessary)

Document Current edition Document delivery Date of the delivery(DD/MM/AA)
Familiarization manual for air passenger transport operators at the airport in Andorra-La Seu D'Urgell (LESU.PRO.OPS.05)
List of corrective measures implemented in the PGS-04 (Communication procedure and investigation of accidents and incidents)
Reference on where to find the latest aeronautical information (AIP) related to the airport

The airline will do the operation analysis and safety studies needed to determine if the operation at the airport is viable. The airline should consider:

- Operations manual and the safety management system of the airline

- Documentation delivered by the airport with the present document (LESU.PRO.OPS.04-02)

- Other factors listed below:

  • Limitations of wind for the turbulence that the mount Ensiula could cause, that is an obstacle that penetrates Transitional surface.
  • Delimitation of the minimum cloud altitude ceiling to operate.
  • Limitation of the use of the PAPI in the RWY 03 for aircrafts ICAO code letter C.
  • Limitation of the approach to RWY 21 between 2NM and the threshold for the presence of obstacles.
  • Visual procedures for reporting points to landing on both thresholds and vice versa.
  • Landing and take-off operations AEO and OEI.
  • Aerodrome circuit that is suitable for the aircraft taking into account the obstacles.
  • Need for a minimum instruction (familiarization) to the pilots before the operation and / or previous flight accompanied by a pilot who has already operated at the airport.