Andorra La Seu airport reaches 10 years with the approval of the IFR manoeuvre with GPS, 8 hangars, 5 under construction and 5 companies installed

Andorra La Seu airport is now ten years old sinc it reopened after being closed to traffic since 1984. The activity at the airport has not only been in number of operations but also in the construction of hangars. Since its opening in 2010, when there was only one hangar, it has now grown to 8. Two hangar promotions have been opened and in this 2020 5 more hangars have been awarded, which complete the promotions carried out. With this award, the entire perimeter of the airport platform has been filled. From private aerodrome to IFR commercial airport. Now that the airport has been in operation for 10 years, the infrastructure incorporates an instrumental flight manoeuvre based only on GPS, a high-precision technology that is being implemented for the first time in Spain, and that facilitates landing in unfavourable weather conditions.

As a result of this new approach airlines or charter flights are more likely to offer regular flights at the airport.

In 2010, the airport opened as a restricted-use aerodrome, after having carried out the necessary studies to analyze compliance with infrastructure regulations and the minimum investment needs for at its reopening.

At this time works were carried out to adapt the existing infrastructure for the reopening to traffic and which consisted of paving the track and the platform, incorporating new beaconing systems, remodeling the buildings and installing a new fuel station.

In 2014, assessing the commercial potential of the airport thanks to its geographical location, an agreement was signed between the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Government of Andorra to adapt the general aviation aerodrome as a commercial airport, which involved an additional investment of 1 MEUR.

The adaptation consisted of improving the track, remodeling the building to accommodate a small arrivals and departures terminal, incorporating a weather station and equipping the control tower with the AFIS system to provide commercial service. This conversion has allowed companies such as Helitrans to grow in number of workers and helicopters and has also promoted the arrival of new companies, which in some cases are also building hangars. This is the case with TSA (El teu soci aeri), which offers air taxi services; PFC, which provides maintenance services; Bat, which sells aircraft; and training schools, among others.