The Minister of Territory and Sustainability of the Catalan Government, Damià Calvet, and the Minister of the Presidency, Economy and Business of Andorra, Jordi Gallardo, have signed the new management agreement for Andorra-La Seu d’Urgell airport

In this second agreement both parties will work on the airport promotion model, which must be coordinated, in particular, with regard to the search for air operators. In this sense, the new use of the Instrument Flight Rules, lFR, in April 2020, has provided an opportunity to increase operations in order to attract regional commercial aviation operations.

According to Calvet, the signing is the culmination of many years of work: “It is not just a renewal agreement but a new agreement that strengthens relations and does so through everything that represents the promotion of this asset which is the airport of Andorra-La Seu. It means a more concerted management through Airports of the Generalitat and the Government of Andorra and that leads us to a greater promotion.”


Within the framework of the agreement, work will be done to develop a comprehensive Strategic Plan for the Airport and a Joint Commission for the Management and Promotion of the Airport, which will be responsible for ensuring the correct implementation of the agreements in the agreement.

It has also been agreed that the Government of Andorra will contribute 50% of the airport’s operating deficit to a maximum of € 350,000. The Generalitat de Catalunya, through Territory and Sustainability and Airports of Catalonia, will continue with the daily management of the airport infrastructure. In addition, the option is provided that when a runway lighting system is implemented, and is approved by the State Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for night operation, the input of the Government of ‘Andorra will increase to a maximum of € 400,000. Within the framework of this agreement, this project for the lighting of the runway will be agreed, which has an approximate budget of € 475,000, and once the two parties agree, the project will be tendered, which will have an execution period of four months. The new agreement is valid for 4 years, which can be extended for an additional 4 years from its signing.

In addition to the agreement signed today, operations have grown significantly over the previous year, counting down to November this year. Most of the months, except for three, more operations have been carried out than in 2019 and with much higher figures. Of note is the month of June when 138% more transactions were made.

Currently, four more hangars are being completed at La Seu d’Urgell airport, which are expected to be completed during the first weeks of 2021. The four hangars are privately owned and join the 9 hangars that they are already built at the airport. So, at the beginning of next year, the airport will have 13 hangars in operation.