Commercial aviation

FLIGHTS TO MADRID Fridays and Sundays

(go to www.airnostrum.es for timetables and prices)

Airline and / or corporate aviation contact: 

Capacity limitations in public use

Non-commercial users are informed that in those cases where the number of planned movements exceeds 10 operations / hour, measures to regulate departures and / or arrivals will be applied. These measures consist of:

  • Failure to approve the start-up and / or taxiing of aircraft if they are on the platform.
  • Failure to enter the FIZ area of ​​responsibility for landing at LESU airport

ULM operation and segregation in public use

ULM must have a radio that allows two-way communications. Mandatory FPL

Any ULM aviation pilot wishing to operate at the airport should consult the previously published AIP and NOTAMs. For any questions contact: