Tests for instrumental operations at the airport

There have been instrument approaching flights (flight operations guided instrumentally) at the airport with an ATR 72-500, a plane that has previously operated at the airport with a capacity for 70 passengers.

This will allow that more airlines will be interested in operating there. This issue is critical to improve the product currently offered at airport.

The reports demonstrate the viability of theoretical instrumental flights at the airport but real tests are needed to complete them in situ. The operation consists of making flights over the airspace of the airport, following the circuits defined in the studies and landing and take-off. Once registered and tests made they will wait for AESA validation and approval.

The airport closes 2016 with a significant increase of operations

In 2016 there have been 3,584 operatoins, representing a 66% increase over the previous year, with 2,156 operations. 2016 meant the consolidation of new projects that were established through the airport, such as the company TSA and the flying school La Plana. TSA has established air taxi transport, and has also expanded its range of services with activities such as aircraft maintenance, medicated transport and transportation of òrgans. The flying school La Plana is still increasing its operations at the airport.Helitrans Pyrenees, the main airport operator, continues to increase its operations at our facilities, and will build a new hangar in the coming months.

The airport closes August growing 62% in operations

The Minister of Territory and Sustainability, Josep Rull, met on Friday September 16th with representatives of the Government of Andorra to take stock of the revitalization on transport and environment, as well as specific new actions the future. Both administrations have also agreed to design a joint strategy for the airport during 2017 to try and have commercial operations.

The meeting served to take stock of the activities around the airport, sharing strategies to advance the achievement of new challenges that serve to consolidate this infrastructure.

First, both governments have made a positive assessment of air traffic from the airport this 2016. So, this year at the end of August we have registered 2,119 operations, which represents an increase of 62% compared to the previous year. Thus August closes exceeding the figure for global operations of 2015, ahead of airports such as Leon, Burgos, Badajoz, Ceuta and Algeciras, among others.


Aprovació del Pla Director Urbanístic i Aeroportuari

El passat divendres 18 de desembre es va aprovar el Pla Director Urbanístic Aeroportuari a la Comissió de Política Territorial i d’Urbanisme de Catalunya (CPTUC). L’any 2009 es va aprovar del Pla especial per a la delimitació de sòl de l’àmbit de l’aeroport, que va ser anul·lat el 2011 pel Tribunal Superior de Justícia de Catalunya (TSJC). El Departament de TES va decidir llavors impulsar la tramitació d’un Pla Director Urbanístic Aeroportuari, amb l’objectiu de regularitzar urbanísticament les instal·lacions ja existents. L’objecte és l’ordenació urbanística i aeroportuària per adequar l’aeroport a la categoria comercial sense ampliar la pista, que té una llargària de 1.387 metres, per arribar a un escenari màxim operacional de 15.000 operacions de vol amb avions de 29 metres d’envergadura. A nivell urbanístic, el PDUA ordena els usos i edificacions al voltant de la plataforma operacional incloent nous hangars i les edificacions per a activitats complementaries, tot mantenint i millorant els accessos existents de de la carretera N-260 i la carretera local a Aravell.

Visita de la Sudan Airport Holding Company

El passat dia 15 de desembre responsables de seguretat dels aeroports comercials de Sudan, qui estan rebent un període de formació a Catalunya, van visitar les instal·lacions de l’aeroport, interesants pel model de gestió implementat a l’aeroport.