The Andorra – La Seu d’Urgell Airport carries out a simulation of an air accident with several injured

The Andorra-La Seu d’Urgell Airport and Civil Protection has organized a simulation of an aeronautical accident during the landing manoeuvre with various casualties.

The aim of the exercise, that took place on the 31st of May, was to put into practice the activation of the Self-Protection Plan (PAU) and the evaluation of internal staff action measures in the event of an emergency. In addition, the different response times of the groups involved and the coordination between all actors and the protocols for notices and communications have been evaluated.

 The exercise consisted of an aeronautical accident during the approach and landing manoeuvre at La Seu d’Urgell airport. Specifically, it was an air taxi in which there were 2 crew members and 5 passengers.

The aircraft, which did not catch fire on impact, crashed in a steep area outside the airport (Zone E), resulting in a total of 2 deaths, 4 injuries of various consideration and 1 unharmed.

When the accident occurred, the airport activated its self-protection plan (PAU) and deployed the response of its internal means. At the same time, he called the emergency number 112 and the Center for Operational Coordination of Catalonia CECAT.