Vice President Puigneró and Minister Jordi Gallardo announce the start of regular flights from Andorra-La Seu this winter

Puigneró and Gallardo have tackled the imminent launch of regular flights from Andorra-La Seu airport, scheduled for this winter. The vice-president stated that “with this joint commitment, we are giving the citizens of the Pyrenees the opportunity to have connections with European cities from Andorra-La Seu Airport”. Puigneró also said that “thanks to the agreement signed with the Government of Andorra, we will be able to share the infrastructure and invest almost one million euros in the beaconing and lighting of the platform”. With these improvements, it will be possible to extend the time slot in which it will be possible to operate from the airport from the year 2022.

The Minister Jordi Gallardo emphasized that this is “a key infrastructure for unlocking our country and the whole area of ​​Alt Urgell and the Pyrenees”. An objective that “began with the first agreement with the Generalitat and Aeroports de Catalunya, signed in 2014 and which will now bear fruit.” Gallardo has stated that the first flights are expected to be in Madrid, followed by other strategic destinations such as Paris and Lisbon. 

The Andorran delegation was attended by the Andorran delegation, Minister Gallardo, Secretaries of State Eric Bartolomé and Marc Galabert and the Director of Business, Trade, Development, Security and Industrial Quality and Transport. On behalf of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in addition to the vice-president, the Secretary of Infrastructure and Mobility, Isidre Gavín, the Director General of Digital Nation and Urban Agenda, Maria Galindo, and the Director of Aeroports de Catalunya, Jordi Candela, also attended.